Could Your Recruitment Efforts Use A Boost?

We specialize in contract recruiters
for "on-demand" recruiting.

You probably have encountered the following problems in your recruitment process:

→ Adding a full-time recruiter is too costly for seasonal or low volume hiring. 

→ Your team doesn’t have the time or expertise to handle all your hiring needs. 

→ You’re posting ads and praying but producing sub-par candidates

→ Time wasted on manually targeting candidates. 

→ Agency fees are too high! 

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Recruiters4Hire is your answer!

Recruiters on contract for short or long- term engagements to fill the gap and boost your recruiting efforts.

Give Us Your Checklist. 

It Matters.

We provide a Dedicated Recruiter to understand your requirements thoroughly. Furthermore, we provide a positive candidate experience at all touch points - Consider us an extension of your organization!

Invest time.

Don't spend it. 

Most agencies will abandon your requirements if they can't make placements within 30 days. 

We guarantee qualified candidates or the next pay period is on us. 

Maximum productivity

meets efficiency. 

Most likely an in-house recruiting team can't service peak hiring times. Our proprietary software generates a larger candidate pool in a fraction of the time. We do more than sourcing, however - we handle all phases including offer extension.

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On-Demand Recruiting

Best In Class

We are a network of recruiters with many years of recruiting experience down in the trenches. With our extensive experience from both an agency and corporate perspective, we’ve discovered there’s a big need in the marketplace to hire contract recruiters to shore up recruiting efforts for short or long-term engagements. Perhaps to cover seasonal hiring peaks or maybe for a mat leave. Thus Recruiters4Hire was born. This would be the most cost-effective and efficient way to add some recruiting power to your team as opposed to a full-time hire or high agency fees. Our recruiters are vetted to ensure a positive experience. We’ve got your back!

Our Differentiator

Below is a recent sample of results to fill a Financial Advisor Position. We search far and wide to bring only the best results to our clients!










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